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When I Arrived in Singapore For the First Time

Actually, I wrote this seven years ago. It was my first time I traveled to Singapore. I just want to share my experience here in my site. 

Well yes. That would be the dream. Singapore is one of the most interesting and most beautiful places I’ve ever been in my life. I feel like we barely scratched the surface of this brilliant city, and I already have a list in my notebook titled: Things to Do on Our Second Trip to Singapore.

When I arrived in Singapore for the first time, I was so excited to start my journey because it was my first time traveling outside of Indonesia. I tried to visit and eat as many things as possible during my first few days here with my fellow of work. I could go to Singapore because of my Boss

I lived in a room where it could be placed by 4 persons, and that was honestly one of the reasons why I often felt enjoy during my time here. But, during the first few days of my time in Singapore, I often felt like I had no one to turn to. I often felt homesick and missed my family and friends at home. Thankfully, we tried to keep in touch as often as possible even with the huge time difference, which definitely helped me deal with the new environment.

Actually, I lived in Singapore for 5 days. I now it was short time but I really enjoyed and satisfied. I realize how diverse Singapore is. There were people from all parts of the world: China, India, Russia, Australia, Malay and so many more. This is my favorite part about Singapore and the thing that I will take with me the most. I believe that each person can and must learn from other cultures in order to grow and create a more harmonious society. Even Though Indonesia is still better at diversity than Singapore. I love Indonesia.

My first trip in Singapore, I just looked around and looked for some restaurant nearby my place. I almost went to all place at Singapore by MRT and Bus. Last day I went to Universal Studio Singapore. It was my best journey.

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